FREE Plugins Report – January 6th 2024

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Acustica Audio Christmas Gift – get the newly released Grey V65 compressor plugin for Win & Mac for free.

Until January 7th

Grey is an audio compression plugin that uses Acustica Audio’s Hyper 3 technology to replicate the sound of a classic VCA compressor.

Acustica Audio uses a unique type of dynamic impulse response technology to capture the sound of analog hardware. Instead of emulating hardware using DSP, they record how it responds to the audio signal and then recreate its behavior as a plugin.

HISSandaROAR Christmas Present – UFX027 Bass Drum sound library is available as a free download.

Until: January 10th

The UFX027 Bass Drum sound library is a free download from HISSandaROAR. It is a 464MB download that includes 856MB of 48 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files. The library is available until January 10th.

Native Instruments Christmas Gift – Glaze, a vocal virtual instrument for Kontakt Player from the Play Series, is available as a free download.

Untill January 14th

GLAZE delivers glossy vocal vibes on tap – from wide stacked chords and pads, to leads, bass timbres, and more. Recorded with a diverse range of live vocalists, it can do up-front vox duties on lustrous pop and silky smooth R&B, as well as processed melodics for hip hop and trap trickery. New Riff and Run presets let you create original vocal runs by combining chopped samples mapped to a scale, and preset macros make it quick and easy to add a little extra seasoning to your licks.

Rhodes Music has released V-Pan plugin for Win & Mac, available as a free download for a limited time.

Until January 31st

Introducing the Rhodes V-Pan: An Iconic Sound from the Rhodes Legacy. Unlock a world of sonic possibilities with the V-Pan – your ultimate tool to elevate your productions and performances. Whether you’re looking to enrich your keyboard or synth experience, craft mesmerizing textures for your guitar, explore ethereal FX sounds, or give your vocals a unique twist, look no further than the Rhodes V-Pan

Function Loops has released Psytrance Bass – a free virtual instrument plugin.

Forever Free

Psytrance Bass comes with an array of parameters and effects such as ADSR envelope, LFO modulation, distortion & cabinet, cutoff filter and voice mode selector with glide.The presets were designed by a famous Psytrance artist and are perfectly tuned, balanced and shaped to let you get the desired bassline in no time (no need to add any extra plugins to sound FAT).

Psytrance Bass is available in VST & VST3 for Windows and VST & VST3 and Audio Unit for macOS.

Bunker Samples has released Ext.Har Lite, a free library for Kontakt (full version).

Forever Free

Bunker Samples has recently launched Ext.Har Lite, a complimentary library for the full Kontakt. This new offering features two natural harmonics, a remnant from the Iremia sessions, which have been extended across the keyboard to create a unique lo-fi ambiance. Users are given the ability to control the level of bow noise, allowing for an added layer of grit to their sound.

The Ext.Har Lite shares its features and graphical user interface (GUI) with the Intimate Viola Iremia, although the two are completely distinct entities. To fully understand and utilize the potential of this new offering, users are encouraged to view the walkthrough for the Intimate Viola Iremia. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of the shared features and how to maximize their use in the Ext.Har Lite.

ChaosAudio has released Starlight, a free shimmer reverb plugin for Mac & Win.

Forever Free

Starlight is a shimmer reverb. Designed to produce the wonder of staring up at the night sky, it has the ability to include twinkling octaves on the reverb trail. With loads of Space on tap, this reverb sounds lush and ambient, with or without shimmer dialed in via the Lumens knob. Starlight is perfect for pads or lead lines, and the Tone knob decides exactly how bright the night sky will shine.

Audiolatry has released Easy Strings, a free (or PWYW) ROMpler plugin for Mac & Win.

Forever Free

Easy Strings: Free strings plugin for simple, effective melodies in EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, etc. Features violin, viola, cello samples in 4 styles each (Sustain, Tremolo, Pizzicato, Spiccato). Easy-to-use interface with basic controls and effects. Great for beginner producers.

Geonkick is a new free drum synthesizer plugin for Win & Linux.

Forever Free

Geonkick: Unleash your inner percussionist! This free synth sculpts kicks, snares, shakers, & beyond. Layering samples & synthesis, it crafts unique drum beats for any genre. Jam with 16 instruments, tweak them on 16 pads, and export your creations in multiple formats. Dive in and get drumming.

The Crow Hill Company has released Celest-a-Tone, a free instrument plugin for Win & Mac.

Forever Free

The Crow Hill Company released Celest-a-Tone, a free instrument plugin for Windows and Mac, as part of its Vaults series. The plugin combines the sounds of a celesta and a dulcitone. The Crow Hill Company also announced the beta for R+D Strings, a free library for its Vaults virtual instrument.

Brian Funk Christmas Gift – Christmas Tree Percussion is a new free Ableton Live Pack.

Forever Free

Christmas Tree Percussion Free Ableton Live Pack.
Percussion made from Christmas tree ornaments! Create jolly and merry percussion for any time of year!12 Percussion Loops

Mercuriall Audio Christmas Gift – Now all effects and pedals in Ampbox can be used completely for free, with no limitations.

Forever Free

Mercuriall Ampbox is a next-gen VST/AU/AAX + standalone amp modeling plugin for PC/Mac. It’s an ever-evolving platform for all* our products, current and future. You will get Ampbox for free when purchasing one of the supported plugins*. The platform has everything you need to create perfect tones with just one plugin. It’s simple, elegant and versatile. Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v2.0 technology. Ampbox supports the following products at this point: 6160III, Dual Rectofire, Euphoria, ReAxis, U530. More products will be added to the platform in future.

APU Software has updated APU Loudness Meter, a free dynamic range analysis plugin for Win & Mac, to version 2.0.0.

Forever Free

The APU Loudness Meter plug-in is a free dynamic range analysis tool supporting a variety of loudness types (LUFS, True Peak, RMS, Peak). View changes to your audio’s loudness in real-time or get a bigger-picture look with configurable history and histogram views. View both real-time and accumulated statistical information all from one screen.

Forward Audio has updated faSampleDelay, a free phase alignment plugin to version 1.00.009.

Forever Free

Make faSampleDelay with its unrivaled intuitive GUI your new favorite free Phase Alignment Plugin. If you need a versatile and reliable tool for small phase alignment tasks in your guitar or drum recording, then this is the ultimate choice!

Ircam Partiels, audio analyzer software and plugins for Win, Mac & Linux, are now available as a free download.

Forever free

Partiels is an audio analysis application and a collection of plug-ins that allow you to explore the content and characteristics of sounds. Partiels allows analysis of one or several audio files using Vamp plug-ins, loading data files, visualizing, editing, organizing, and exporting the results as images or text files that can be used in other applications such as Max, Pure Data, Open Music, etc.

HoRNet Plugins has released HoRNet TreBande, a free mixer EQ plugin for Win & Mac.

Forever Free

HoRNet TreBande is a meticulously crafted three-band semi-parametric equalizer that mirrors the character of the equalizer found in your average mixer. This free plugin is more than just an equalizer; it’s the heartbeat of your mixer’s distinctive sound, meticulously reproduced for precision shaping in a digital environment.

Baby Audio has released Beat Slammer, a free compressor plugin for Win & Mac.

Forever Free

Some compressors are designed to be subtle. This one is not! We set out to make the ideal compression plugin for smashing and squashing drums, beats or entire mix busses. Beat Slammer will give you that pumping and ‘bouncy’ compression sound that slaps you in the face.

Cradle has released State Machine BitFlip, a free retro-gaming-inspired instrument plugin for Mac & Win.

Forever Free

Cradle Audio has unveiled State Machine BitFlip, a free instrument plugin that will transport you straight back to the golden age of gaming. This powerful tool lets you craft authentic sounds reminiscent of vintage computers and retro game systems, with 40 presets covering a vast array of chiptune goodness.

UVI Christmas Gift – UVI has released Noctua, a free cinematic soundscape synth by Venus Theory.
Noctua runs in Falcon and the free UVI Workstation.

Forever Free

Noctua: A cinematic sound library by Venus Theory. Hand-built instruments for epic textures and evolving soundscapes. Blend raw analog sources (“Analog”), manipulated EMF recordings (“EMF”), and hardware/pedal FX (“Effects Box”) to sculpt your sonic universe. Dive deep into visceral detail and endless sonic possibilities.

Steinberg has released Taped Vibes, a free electric piano virtual instrument for HALion and the free HALion Sonic 7 player.

Forever Free

Taped Vibes takes one of the most iconic electric pianos and gives it a completely new, smooth, jazzy, laid-back spin. This free HALion instrument was sampled through the old tape of a Space Echo, a vintage pre-amp and through a high-quality DI box, giving you the freedom to play everything from buttery soul to gritty funk or chilled lofi. And with our new tutorial series, you can discover step-by-step how the instrument was created.

Fracture Sounds has released Festive Bells, a free Christmas bells sound library for Kontakt Player.

Forever Free

The fourth instalment of our Blueprint series combines three iconic bell sounds often associated with Christmas. Contained within is a traditional set of Hand Bells, a playful collection of Toy Bells, and a collection of different Sleigh Bells that are sure to inject the festive spirit into your music!

SampleScience has released VHS Noise Generator, a free plugin for Mac & Win that can generate 26 distinct VHS background noises.

Forever Free

VHS Noise Generator is a unique tool that features 26 distinct background noises, each one created using an antiquated VCR and a different tape. Every noise in the collection encapsulates the sound produced during the initial moments of silence after a tape is inserted and played. This includes all the characteristic clicks, pops, and glitches that are synonymous with this vintage technology.

Suzumushi has released SpeakerObjects, a free plugin for emulating a pair of stereo speakers while using headphones. Windows only.

Forever Free

SpeakerObjects: Fix your headphone audio for accurate stereo sound. This plugin compensates for headphone listening, restoring the natural sound positioning and balance you’d get from actual speakers. Ideal for music producers and audiophiles, it works with major DAWs on Windows 11.

Celemony Melodyne Upgrade Sale – Melodyne 5 essential update from Melodyne essential (any version) is free of charge.

Forever Free

the Melodyne 5 essential update is free of charge for any version of Melodyne essential. Major updates for Melodyne essential are also free. However, upgrading from a smaller edition of Melodyne to a larger one with more functions is not free. For example, upgrading from Melodyne essential to Melodyne assistant requires payment.

Cymatics has released Memory, a free vintage chorus plugin for Mac & Win.

Forever Free

Unleash nostalgia’s hidden symphony with Memory, a plugin that weaves past and present into your audio. Paint subtle imperfections, conjure kaleidoscopic chorus & vibrato, and embark on an endless labyrinth of emotion with unpredictable pitch modulation. Memory bends guitars, pianos, synths, and more into unique sonic tapestries, perfect for steering your ideas off the beaten path. Dive in and discover the memories your music holds.

HeadRush has released ReValver 5, a free amp and effects modelling engine for Win & Mac.

Forever Free

Best in class amp tone and feel at your finger tips. Whether you are working in a commercial studio or a home-based hit factory, or rockin the stage with HeadRush hardware, ReValver has the tone and tools you need. Where some amp modelers focus on specific genres or tones, ReValver offers unlimited tonal options. From smooth jazz to the heaviest metal – and all points in between – there is not a tone you can’t find in ReValver.

DiscoDSP has updated OB-Xd to v3.0. It is free for non-commercial use, while a commercial use licence is $49.

Forever Free

Unleash vintage vibes with OB-Xd, a classic-inspired synth packed with rich tones and powerful sound design. Go beyond the original OB-X with expanded features and micro-detuning for a lush, expressive sonic palette. Craft electrifying EDM, warm live recordings, or cinematic scores – OB-Xd adds timeless character to any genre. Dive into this versatile powerhouse and take your music to the next level.

Autodafe has released The Cricket, an instrument library for Decent Sampler for free or €4.

Forever Free

The Cricket: Turn a vintage Italian “Speak & Spell” into a musical instrument! Play single letters, bleeps, pre-recorded messages, and even 120 complete words, all in charming Italian. 7 sample sets offer easy keyboard mapping, while built-in effects let you sculpt your sound. A unique and playful tool for producers and creative minds.

CDN media

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