Plugin Reseller Price Check

Use this regularly updated list to search thousands of plugins and audio software products, compare prices at major plugin resellers, and find the best plugin deals.

NOTE: We are currently updating this page and the database behind it. There may be the occasional glitch or lag in updates. We’re getting there though!

This is a HUGE list of over 15,000 products so please wait a few seconds for the table to fully load. Some links are affiliate links, which means we will earn a small commission from your purchase if you buy after clicking. Prices are in USD. To confirm the final price in your location, click through to the website. Jump to the “How To Use” guide.

How to Use

  • Type into the search box to filter the results by product name, developer, or category/keyword.
  • To include products on sale just add the word “off” to your search.
  • Cmd/Ctrl-click to open a link in a new tab so you don’t lose your search results.
  • Click “Set Alert” on any product to set up email notifications of price drops for that product.
  • PRO TIP: Cheat Codes! Search “<10PB” or “<10ADSR” to show only products that are $10 or less at Plugin Boutique or ADSR respectively. (Great for choosing something to buy to get their Free With Any Purchase offers.).
  • PRO TIP: To discover deals directly from developers, browse The ULTIMATE Plugin Deals List.

Key: PB = Plugin Boutique, PF = Plugin Fox, ADSR = ADSR, FXC = The FX Chain, AD = Audio Deluxe, JRR = JRR Shop, BS = Best Service, G4M = Gear4Music, TH = Thomann


No system for gathering and presenting data from various sources is perfect, but we’ve tried to make ours as accurate and useful as possible. Below is a list of known issues and notes to help you get the most out of this service.

  1. KNOWN ISSUE – There are some duplicates. You may get results on separate lines. We are continuously working on cleansing our data to fix this.
  2. KNOWN ISSUE – FX Chain sometimes lags behind a bit.
  3. KNOWN ISSUE – PluginFox sometimes shows upgrade prices instead of regular prices. Working on a fix!
  4. NOTE The database is learning how prices change over time. Therefore it may not always show a discount (eg. “50% off”) next to the price if it didn’t know it used to be more expensive.
  5. NOTE – Data is scraped from reseller sites over the course of the day so, depending on when you visit, some sites’ prices may be more up-to-date than others. Therefore it’s best to compare prices at least 24 hours after a general sale begins.
  6. NOTE – The prices displayed are the resellers’ USD prices and final prices may vary based on conversion rates, location, and taxes.
  7. NOTE – Some resellers include tax, others do not. We have done our best to state where taxes will be added to the displayed prices.
  8. NOTE – There is a lot of automation and manual work behind this and there’s always a chance things will break or mistakes will be made. If you spot anything that seems wrong, please use the form below to report it. Thanks!

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