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For a short period in 2022 this page was displaying a table of reseller product prices that had been scraped from another website without proper permission. We deeply regret any distress caused to the owner of the original source.

As the owner of, I take full responsibility for this mistake. Immediate action was taken to remove the page and a public apology was issued. I want to reiterate that our intentions were never malicious or immoral. Our aim is always simply to provide the best services to our community.

We apologise to the owner of the original data and to our community as a whole for the use of collated data and for any inconvenience caused. We deeply regret the harm caused and will use this incident as a lesson to improve our practices.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stu Smith
Owner of Audio Plugin Guy (of which is a sub-brand)

The “Plugin Reseller Search” table is no longer available on this page.

We have since developed the Plugin Reseller Price Check service. A regularly updated list for searching thousands of plugins and audio software products, comparing prices at major plugin resellers, and finding the best plugin deals. This list can be quickly searched by product, manufacturer, or keyword. There is also an option to set up plugin price drop alerts via email.

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