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Below is a list of all current music software and plugin deals with discounts of 50% or more. The latest additions are at the top. You can search by keywords (such as; instruments, effects, EQ, compressor, etc) or sort by the first column to see deals in order of discount amount.

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The Deal (Click twice to sort high to low)LinkExpiryTagsDate added
50% off Sampleson AkousticBuy Now2021-04-16Instruments Synths2021-04-15
90% off Glitchmachines SubvertBuy Now2021-04-18Effects Distortion2021-04-15
85% off Glitchmachines PalindromeBuy Now2021-04-18Effects Glitch2021-04-15
75% off Boz Labs Imperial DelayBuy Now2021-04-27Effects Delay2021-04-15
64% off with the Tone Empire Virtual Analogue Studio BundleBuy Now2021-04-30Effects Bundle2021-04-15
70% off Stagecraft CompressorBuy Now2021-04-30Effects Compressor2021-04-15
80% off AAS Ultra Analog SessionBuy Now2021-05-02Instruments Synths2021-04-15
63% off Sonnox Oxford InflatorBuy Now2021-05-02Effects Limiter2021-04-15
50% off with the Sampleson Synth BundleBuy Now2021-05-02Instruments Synths2021-04-15
80% off AIR Music Xpand2! Buy Now2021-05-02Instruments2021-04-15
90% off AKAI VIP 3.1Buy Now2021-05-02Utility2021-04-15
90% off iZotope Iris 2Buy Now2021-05-032021-04-15
50% off Endless StudioBuy Now2021-06-30DAW2021-04-15
50% (up to) off STOREWIDE from Fluffy Audio - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-04-15Instruments Kontakt2021-04-13
75% off “MRhythmizerMB” by MeldaProduction via APDBuy Now2021-04-15Instruments Glitch2021-04-13
50% (up to) off products from Luftrum - use code longerdaysBuy Now2021-04-15Instruments Expansions2021-04-13
91% off on the Insane Next Level Keys Bundle by Sampletekk via APDBuy Now2021-04-16Full Kontakt Required2021-04-13
71% off Auddict Drums Of The Deep 2 via APD - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-04-19Instruments Kontakt2021-04-13
95% (up to) off products from WusikBuy Now2021-04-20Instruments Effects Utilities2021-04-13
50% (up to) off products from BHK SamplesBuy Now2021-04-30Samples2021-04-13
78% (up to) off selected products from Cinematic Alpha - use codes APVOCALS and APTIMEPAST - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-04-30Instruments Kontakt2021-04-13
68% off 2020 United Collection from United PluginsBuy Now2021-04-30Effects2021-04-13
66% (up to) off selected plugins and bundles from Gforce SoftwareBuy Now2021-04-30Instruments Effects Bundles2021-04-13
88% off Gemini Electric Piano from Muze - Full Kontakt requiredBuy Now2021-05-01Instruments Kontakt2021-04-13
50% (up to) off RX8 and RX Post Production Suite from iZotope via PluginFoxBuy Now2021-05-04Effects Utilities2021-04-13
70% (up to) off products from New LoopsBuy Now2021-04-22Samples Loops2021-03-28
88% off W.A. Productions InstaScaleBuy Now2021-04-29MIDI2021-03-28
50% off AudioThing Things - MotorBuy Now2021-04-30Effects Modulator2021-03-28
50% off Tone Empire Reelight PROBuy Now2021-04-30Effects Tape2021-03-28
65% off Audiority Maliki for full KontaktBuy Now2021-04-30Instruments Kontakt2021-03-28
52% off Things-Motor from Audiothing (with Hainbach)Buy Now2021-04-30Effects Rotor2021-03-28
50% off Dragon Fire from Denise AudioBuy Now2021-05-01Effects Compressors2021-03-28
60% off The SubLab Complete BundleBuy Now2021-05-02Instruments Synths Bass2021-03-28
50% off Inphonik RX950 Classic AD/DA ConverterBuy Now2021-05-02Effects Bitcrush2021-03-28
50% off Venomode PhraseboxBuy Now2021-05-02MIDI Arpeggiator2021-03-28
90% off UNDRGRND Sounds Redlight for full KontaktBuy Now2021-05-02Instruments Kontakt2021-03-28
58% off With the Diginoiz Spring BundleBuy Now2021-05-02Bundle2021-03-28
50% off HArvest Plugins ForagerBuy Now2021-05-02MIDI Theory2021-03-28
50% off With the Have Instruments Have It All Bundle (Full Kontakt required)Buy Now2021-05-02Instruments Kontakt2021-03-28
51% off Creative Intent RemnantBuy Now2021-05-02Effects Granular2021-03-28
51% off Creative Intent TantrumBuy Now2021-05-02Effects Distortion2021-03-28
70% (up to) off products from UgritoneBuy Now2021-04-30Instruments Effects Samples MIDI2021-02-24

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