The Best Plugin Deals 2021

Below is a list of live music software and plugin deals with discounts of 50% or more. The latest additions are at the top. You can search by keywords (such as; instruments, effects, EQ, compressor, etc) or sort by the first column to see deals in order of discount amount.

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The Deal (Click twice to sort high to low)LinkExpiryTagsDate added
68% off Audiothing Bowed HarpBuy Now2021-10-18Instruments Kontakt2021-10-16
90% off the SONiVOX Essential Keyboard Collection + FREE TimeWARP2600Buy Now2021-10-19Instruments Keys Synths2021-10-16
78% off AIR Music Transfuser 2Buy Now2021-10-19Instruments Sampler2021-10-16
59% off Zynaptiq INTENSITYBuy Now2021-10-24Effects Dynamics2021-10-16
59% off Zynaptic UNFILTERBuy Now2021-10-24Restoration2021-10-16
50% off Zynaptiq MASTER BundleBuy Now2021-10-24Effects Mastering2021-10-16
50% off the Arturia V CollectionBuy Now2021-10-24Instruments2021-10-16
69% off Krotos Simple MonstersBuy Now2021-10-25Effects Vocals Film/TV2021-10-16
56% off Sampleson Model TBuy Now2021-10-25Instruments Keys2021-10-16
58% off AudioThing Strings for FULL KONTAKTBuy Now2021-10-26Instruments Kontakt2021-10-16
50% off Reason+ (Annual Subscription) Crossgrade from any DAW or any PluginBuy Now2021-10-31DAW Bundle Subscription2021-10-16
77% off Signum BUTE Loudness Analyzer 2Buy Now2021-10-31Analysis Loudness2021-10-16
60% off United Plugins TransmutatorBuy Now2021-10-31Effects2021-10-16
50% off NUGEN Audio Paragon STBuy Now2021-12-06Effects Reverb2021-10-16
50% off Audified RZ062 EqualizerBuy Now2021-10-20Effects EQ2021-10-03
60% off UJAM Finisher RetroBuy Now2021-10-31Effects Retro Multi-effect2021-10-03
52% off UJAM Groovemate ONEBuy Now2021-10-31Instruments Drums2021-10-03
90% off iZotope Exponential Audio R2 StereoBuy Now2021-10-31Effects Reverb2021-10-03
82% off KV331 Synthmaster PlayerBuy Now2021-10-31Instruments Synths2021-10-03
70% off the AAS Session BundleBuy Now2021-10-31Instruments Guitar Keys Synths2021-10-03
50% off Audio Damage ADverb2Buy Now2021-10-31Effects Reverb2021-10-03
57% off Native Instruments CRUSH PACK Crossgrade from FREAKBuy Now2021-10-31Effects Distortion2021-10-03
50% off Tone Empire Black Q 2Buy Now2021-11-01Effects EQ2021-10-03
89% off Audified inValve EffectsBuy Now2021-11-17Effects Amps2021-10-03
82% off Glitchmachines CataractBuy Now2022-01-09Instruments Glitch2021-10-03
82% off Glitchmachines QuadrantBuy Now2022-01-09Instruments Glitch2021-10-03
80% off with the Native Instruments KOMPLETE Classics CollectionBuy Now2021-11-30Instruments Synths2021-09-09
73% off with the Native Instruments KOMPLETE Future Classics CollectionBuy Now2021-11-30Instruments Synths2021-09-09
50% off Octave Deluxe from OctaveBuy NowNoneInstruments2021-09-08
50% off ProMix Bundle / COS Pro / Mix Monolith from AyalicBuy NowNone2021-09-08
94% off Pulsar from FlintpopeBuy NowNone2021-09-08
84% off AIR Super Synth Pack from Adsr SoundsBuy NowNoneSynths2021-09-08

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