The Best Plugin Deals 2021

Below is a list of all current music software and plugin deals with discounts of 50% or more. The latest additions are at the top. You can search by keywords (such as; instruments, effects, EQ, compressor, etc) or sort by the first column to see deals in order of discount amount.

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The Deal (Click twice to sort high to low)LinkExpiryTagsDate added
85% off “The VLA Bundle” by Black Rooster Audio via VSTbuzzBuy Now2021-07-29Effects2021-07-28
90% off Wave Alchemy Synth Drums sample packBuy Now2021-07-31Samples2021-07-28
70% off Boz Digital tThe WallBuy Now2021-07-31Effects Limiter2021-07-28
50% (up to) off products from Luftrum - use code tropicanaBuy Now2021-07-31Instruments Expansions2021-07-28
66% (up to) off selected products from Its All Noise - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-07-31Instruments Kontakt2021-07-28
70% (up to) off libraries from Glitched TonesBuy Now2021-07-31Samples Expansions2021-07-28
60% off Rhythm Guitar Synth from Rob Papen via Time+SpaceBuy Now2021-07-31Instruments2021-07-28
70% off Signum Audio BUTE Loudness NormaliserBuy Now2021-08-01Effects Mastering2021-07-28
60% off Melda MRhymizerBuy Now2021-08-01Effects Gate2021-07-28
78% off Harrison Consoles AVA Mastering EQBuy Now2021-08-01Effects EQ2021-07-28
60% off Cherry Audio PolymodeBuy Now2021-08-01Instruments Synths2021-07-28
80% off iZotope Insight 2Buy Now2021-08-01Utilities Monitoring2021-07-28
50% off Softube TapeBuy Now2021-08-01Effects Tape2021-07-28
50% off MorphVerb from UnitedPluginsBuy Now2021-08-01Effects Reverb2021-07-28
83% off Glitchmachines CryogenBuy Now2021-08-02Effects MultiEffect Buffer2021-07-28
50% off products from KuassaBuy Now2021-08-02Instruments Effects2021-07-28
70% off VStomp Amp from Hotone Audio via VSTbuzzBuy Now2021-08-03Effects Amp2021-07-28
70% off a selection of instruments for full Kontakt in the Sample Logic 15 Year Anniversary SaleBuy Now2021-08-04Instruments Kontakt2021-07-28
50% off Tape Stop, Reverser, Frequency Shifter, and Pitch Shifter from KiloheartsBuy Now2021-08-05Effects2021-07-28
91% off the Piano Bundle from Sampletekk via APD - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-08-05Instruments Kontakt2021-07-28
60% (up to) off plugins and bundles from Sonible via Black Octopus Sound - extra 10% off with code APD10Buy Now2021-08-06Instruments Effects2021-07-28
50% off United Plugins FireCobraBuy Now2021-08-08Effects Multieffect2021-07-28
50% off Arturia PigmentsBuy Now2021-08-08Instruments Synths2021-07-28
50% off Arturia Analog Lab VBuy Now2021-08-08Instruments Synths2021-07-28
50% off FireCobra from UnitedPluginsBuy Now2021-08-09Effects2021-07-28
62% (up to) on all instruments, soundsets and bundles from Stingray InstrumentsBuy Now2021-08-13Instruments Samples2021-07-28
50% (up to) off products from Bunker Samples - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-08-15Instruments Kontakt2021-07-28
88% off WA Production InstascaleBuy Now2021-08-26MIDI Theory2021-07-28
60% off Rob Papen Rhythm Guitar RGBuy Now2021-08-31Instruments Guitar2021-07-28
62% off Boz Digital Labs MongooseBuy Now2021-07-29Effects Utility2021-07-14
60% off Boz Digital Labs Pan KnobBuy Now2021-07-29Effects Pan2021-07-14
50% off with the Softube Vintage Essentials BundleBuy Now2021-08-01Effects Tape Delay Harmonics Saturation Bundles2021-07-14
90% off W.A Production All In One: ImPerfect PresetsBuy Now2021-08-09Synth Presets2021-07-14
71% off United Plugins ElectrumBuy Now2021-09-052021-07-14
80% (up to) off products from UgritoneBuy Now2021-07-31Instruments Effects Expansions MIDI2021-07-13
50% off Theremin from Loops de la Creme - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-07-31Instruments Kontakt2021-07-13
74% (up to) off selected products from Cinematic Alpha - Full Kontakt RequiredBuy Now2021-07-31Instruments Kontakt2021-07-13
50% on the Nocturne Baby Grand Piano from Nocturne SoundsBuy Now2021-07-31Instruments Piano2021-07-13
75% (up to) off products from McDSPBuy Now2021-08-02Instruments Effects2021-07-13
70% (up to) off on Modo Bass and Modo Drum from IK MultimediaBuy Now2021-08-02Instruments2021-07-13
60% (up to) on upgrades from Vienna Symphonic LibraryBuy Now2021-08-02Upgrades2021-07-13
50% (up to) off products from AudiorityBuy Now2021-08-09Effects2021-07-13
50% (up to) off sample packs, presets, and templates from Black Octopus SoundBuy Now2021-08-27Instruments Effects Expansions Utilities Samples2021-07-13
65% off Leviathan Trilogy Bundle from Black Octopus Sound Buy Now2021-08-27Samples Presets2021-07-13
98% off with the SounSpot Summer BundleBuy Now2021-08-01Bundles2021-07-01
99% off SoundSpot Creative 5 for 5 BundleBuy Now2021-08-01Bundles2021-07-01
99% off SoundSpot Vocal 5 for 5 BundleBuy Now2021-08-01Bundles2021-07-01
99% off SoundSpot Mastering 5 for 5 BundleBuy Now2021-08-01Bundles2021-07-01
50% off products from Premixed Templates Presets - use code SUMMER50Buy Now2021-09-01Samples Expansions2021-06-17

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